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From planning to pepper mills

Kungsgatan 38 is a studio with eleven creative designers and strategists of which several have 25 years experience in marketing, media and architecture. Much of our experience originates from larger firms like Forsman & Bodenfors and Wingårdhs Architects. Over the years, we have accumulated a number of acclaimed and award-winning assignments and campaigns.

When curious people with diverse backgrounds and age gather together under the same roof – with creativity and design as a mutual vital force – new opportunities and interesting solutions arise. This enables a cross-border co-operation that promotes innovation in the project and gives you, our client, surprising results.

All participants in the group operate their own companies, but we often collaborate on joint projects. We create and build brands and relationships. We design media strategies. We develop websites and 3D visualizations from scratch. We design, plan and create everything from shopping malls and factories to chairs and pepper mills.

We would be delighted if you would like to come and join us over a cup of coffee. Together, we can then unfold our visions for future communication, whether it is about products, services or a location. Email us at: fika@kungsgatan38.se

AnnKi Bryhn Jansson

Planner/Communication Strategist

Insikt Analys Strategi

Tobias Olsson


Tobias Olsson

Henrik Schulz

Architect and designer

Henrik Schulz

Helena Gyllensvärd

Art Director and Graphic Designer

Gyllensvärd & Co

Niklas Holm

Creative Constructor

Kilonewton AB

Lars Anfinset

Architect SAR/MSA

Ett Ark arkitektur

Jonas Cederholm

Graphic Designer

Gyllensvärd & Co

Benny Nyberg

Sales & Relations

Nyberg & Partners AB

Fredrik Persson

Illustrator and Photo retucher

Perssons Pixlar

Mélia Parizel

Interior Architect

Ett Ark arkitektur

Håkan Sandsjö

Senior Art Director

Sandsjö Action